The approach

Les valeurs Spoon

We design artificial creatures.

A partner to face the big challenges rising in front of us.

A new species, between the real and digital domains for humans, among humans.

An approach without compromise


Tribe - We don't substitute humans by robots

Human to human interaction is central. Our creature aims to improve human interactions by promoting and enriching communications between tribe members: family, friends, colleagues, clients, staff.

A new specie

A new species, not a pale copy of humans

Our creatures are not humanoids on purpose, as we believe that humanoid robots implicitly promise more that they can actually do.

No compromise

For reaching the high-end target, our creatures are built on top of the best hardware and software by a team of experts.

Providing services

Providing services via natural interaction

Today, we need to learn how to use new user interfaces. With our robots, we break those barriers. You don't need to learn a specific language to communicate with them. They provide a natural interaction, similar to the way we interact with pets or even with each other.

Our Challenge

Natural Interaction

Natural interaction

To accept a robot in our daily life, it should first naturally interact with humans : perceive our presence, listen to us and understand us. It should have a semantic world representation, to detect and to solve ambiguities. ​Anyone could teach it without any prerequise. We will bring this interaction to its best in order to combine it with manipulation and navigation abilities for you to change your world.

Robot SP1

The first generation of high-end artificial creatures, SP1, is dedicated to human interaction with its tribe. Each of these creatures is unique as it is customized to answer our clients’ specific needs : we work closely with our clients to create their own hardware design and to develop their own behavior and functionalities. You’ll never see your robot somewhere else. Thanks to SP1, we provide a totally new and enhanced experience while welcoming people in shops, hotels, institutions and events.

Robot SP2

The next generation of artificial creatures which understand you and act for you.