The approach

@SPooN, We design artificial creatures.

New companions to face the big challenges rising in front of us.

A new species, between the real and digital domains for humans, among humans.


Human to human interaction is central.

Our creatures improve human interactions by promoting and enriching communications in collective spaces.

Our revolutionary interface provides a universal access to services & interactions in real life.

The SPooNy family

A new specie

The SPooNies is our answer.

Sympathetic, empathetic & interactive companions, available for short or longer exchanges.

Always happy to help.

That we can design as you want.


A new specie

Our characters have the power to create natural contact with humans

Whoever you are.

You won’t be able to resist…

Artificial Intelligence software

A new specie

Our software based approach allows complete customisations of the digital interface, look & feel and scenarios, based on place, country, language, purpose, time, … and learning from its interactions.

SPooNies can live in any screen, interactive or not.

COVID compliance

A new specie

The interaction with SPooNies is based on voice and speech recognition.

This allows voice & touch interaction, or a 100% voice only experience.


A new specie

Thanks to a flexible approach, we can integrate to your customised experience any kind of services (through APIs) with a best of breed approach.

SPooN Devices

A new specie

SPooN offers device solutions which are fit for voice only interactions (or voice & touch). Thanks to the face of their character, they are ideal to democratize interactions & services in collective spaces.

Totem SPooN is our classic device which can fit anywhere.

Big SPooN is particularly adapted to make a huge impact on passers-by, for event or in retail.

Yet, if you already have available screens that you want to “spoon”, the SPooN box is our DIY approach for your screens.