SPooN Offers

A new specie

@SPooN, we’re commited to help you better engage with the world.

Whether you are a company receiving prospects, a museum with visitors, or a store welcoming consumers, you can now interact in a radically innovative and uniquely engaging way, thanks to the SPooN character.

Data show that 70% of passersby stop in front the SPooNies, and half of them interact with him.

Collective spaces x SPooN

A new specie

SPooNies are the perfect characters to bring life and interaction to collective spaces:

  • Give a face to a collective space
  • Surprise and delight with innovative Welcoming
  • Propose new ways of interaction between space & visitors, and between visitors themselves.

Surveys show that 98% of visitors feel more welcome and 90% want to come back to see SPooNies.

Chatbots X SPooN

A new specie

Chatbots need a face to better interact with human.

Thanks to SPooNy, chatbots can easily plug to a personalised character and exchange with more efficiency. Whether it is on the web or on interactive devices in streets and cities.

Hospitality x SPooN

A new specie

SPooNies can engage with visitors in a friendly, helpful and friendly way, 24/7:

  • Greet guests, attract their attention, and proactively start an interaction
  • Provide welcoming services such as arrival notification, map guidance, personalized content display, and more
  • Offer departure services such as taxi/rideshare ordering, schedules and itineraries, surveys, reviews and more.

Health x SPooN

A new specie

SPooNies are characters particularly well adapted to interaction in hospitals or elderly houses. We’ve already equipped institutions (for instance Alzheimer departments), showing great results.

  • Provide fun mentally and physically stimulating activities for children, adults, the elderly and people with mental disabilities
  • Support staff with repetitive tasks such as visitor checkin-in, medication reminders, entertainment and personalized information displays
  • Offer touch-free engagement to reduce the spread of germs.

Events x SPooN

A new specie

SPooNies attract event-goers and engage them while sharing targeted business or marketing information.

  • Spark interest while making your brand the star of the show
  • Detect passersby, draw them to your area, and share messaging through a method designed to be retained
  • Offer a unique visitor experience while taking repetitive communications off the human team

Fast-foods restaurants x SPooN

SPooNies use voice recognition to collect order and upsell items. Fast and efficients orders in seconds!

  • Accelerate the ordering process thanks to the natural voice ordering capabilities; touch ordering also available
  • Create upsell opportunities based on selected choices, habits, or promotions
  • Offers a customized ordering experience to loyal customers (facial recognition powered by AI)

Retail x SPooN

SPooNies bring a unique experience to your shop, create a WoW effect, offering customized interactions and message sharing.

  • Differentiate your in-store experience from competition while increasing foot traffic
  • Assist shoppers by sharing the latest promotions, answering questions and engaging with brand
  • Capture the attention of shoppers - on average, 95% of consumers who interact with SPooNy go through the full experience and 50% of those customers grab the suggested product

Transportation x SPooN

A new specie

Screens are more and more present in cars. SPooNies become a travel buddy to offer services, information and amusement during a trip.

  • Provide entertainment and provides itinerary information
  • Translate travel information for tourists (already available in English, French and Japanese)
  • Offer an engaging travel companion for autonomous cars drives

Smart city x SPooN

A new specie

SPooNies were designed for collective spaces, to encourage and improve interactions between humans.

Deployed in bus or train stations, in cities, town-halls, museums, cultural centers, SPooN can create a collective experience with SPooNy as the enabler for richer human interactions

  • Encourage interactions that create a collective experience through information sharing
  • Provide 24/7 innovative support to answer questions and help direct visitors and citizens, enabling new kinds of interactions with towns
  • Offer marketing messaging to help visitors explore specific areas


A new specie

SPoon offers multiple solutions for deployment, adapted to your needs, location , type of business and the experience you want to develop.

  • SPooN Box / Recommended option: “SPooNify” your existing monitors to turn them into interactive SPooNy screens
  • Big SPooN: Surprise and delight with a full-sized SPooNy with an interactive body
  • Totem SPooN: Build brand loyalty with SPooNies on an engaging kiosk
  • All our data is hosted in France and respects GDRP EU legislation

Stats & Monitoring

A new specie

SPooN offers a monitoring platform for real-time analytics and data insights:

  • Track consumer behavior through anonymized data, usage, scenarios, and more
  • View information and statistics on easy-to-read dashboards
  • Remote update capabilities to test different messaging and engagements easily


A new specie

Our approach is based on a licensing model
Monthly or yearly subscription

With options:

  • level of customisation
  • hardware devices (renting or acquisition)
Please contact us contact@spoon.ai for more information