Our tribe


Jérôme Monceaux
Founder & CEO

Jérôme is recognized as a world expert in interactive and social autonomous robots. As one of the main actors in the Aldebaran-robotics success, he occupied Executive positions for 10 years. With his strong abilities to define products and business models, he wants to change the game with Spoon artificial creatures.

Dr Aymeric Masurelle
Co-founder & Artificial Creature Artisan

Aymeric is a young PhD passionate about human interaction through motion and sound. For 4 years he focused on multimodal gesture recognition for dance and interaction scenarii. Thanks to his curriculum, he brings to Spoon his artistic sensibility, his conception skills and his research expertise.

Thibault Hervier
Co-founder & CTO

After 4 years spent at Aldebaran, 2 of which as Software Director, Thibault is a recognized team manager and expert of robot interaction and perception. His formation (Ecole Polytechnique) and past experience taught him the methodology to work with large teams to deliver, improve and maintain complex systems.

Matthieu Pauthe
Art director

Matthieu has explored various facets of Design, from scenography to product design, including illustration and graphics. This multidisciplinarity and its transverse glance on creation enable him to take up the challenge suggested by Spoon as its Art director.

Ugo Cupcic
Research and Innovation Director

After studying at INSA Lyon and the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence, respectively), Ugo worked in software, before joining the Shadow Robot Company in 2009 as a Software Engineer. Ugo worked his way up to the role of Chief Technical Architect, where he drove technical roadmap for Shadow. He joined Spoon in December 2017 as the Director of Research. He’s helping to bring more intelligence to the creatures developed at Spoon.

Pioneers & partners

Our pioneering partners share our dream and take part in the creation and discovery of a new creature blooming between the physical and the virtual worlds.

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Ce projet bénéficie du soutien financier de la Région Île-de-France et de l’accompagnement de Cap Digital.

With the participation of

Thomas Sandoval
Communication and Intermediary business.

Artists & designers

The unique personalities of our creatures take root from conceivers of different worlds and artistic collaborations are an essential bridge between their identities.

Sarah Philouze

A french set designer and visual artist based in Paris/New-York.


Jean de Dreuille

A passionate cabinet-maker exploring techniques and former finishing method for furniture.



An artistic duo working around the body shape and the movement.


Dominique Chevalier

A passionated product designer, history of Art and Architecture professor (Ecole Boulle, ENSAD Paris, Femis).

“Spoon catapulte le futur par la condensation cartilagineuse et métaphysique du présent”
D.Chevalier, Paris, 06/10/2016.